Masseria Galeta - la nostra Storia

Our history

Always a crossroads of wandering shepherds and travellers, reference point for sailors, Galeta Masseria contains within itself the mystery of meeting and sharing.

“The Masseria probably takes its name from the “Rodogaleta”, a noble Gallipolian family already known in the 13th century and extinct around the 17th century. [...] The additions and transformations of different periods make it difficult to read the original layout of the complex, organized around the two-storey tower with independent accesses. The upper floor can only be accessed from the external staircase, which originally had a drawbridge. The double machicolation, placed to defend the entrance door on the first floor [...] hangs like a pulpit on a second parapet which hides a short flight of stairs placed on a terrace and which functions as a guardhouse. [...] Of the original complex there remains, beyond the tower, a row of two-sloping covered dwellings which closes the courtyard towards the garden”.

Le Masserie Fortificate del Salento Meridionale, A. Costantini, D. Novembre, P. Bolognini Adriatica Editrice Salentina,
Lecce, 1984

Masseria Galeta - la nostra Storia

The farm has always been inhabited and the primary activity is cattle and goat breeding. We wanted to diversify this activity by reorganizing the spaces to be able to finally make hospitality as a representation of authenticity, of truth: what most reflects our history and our way of subtending beauty. We intend to propose the luxury of authentic hospitality in a productive agricultural context consistent with the nature of the place; in this way we would like to reinterpret the idea of conscious and therefore sustainable tourism.

It is possible to enjoy the tower for overnight stays with breakfast and the Home Restaurant service, home catering, where the simple meals of the family tradition are proposed, respecting the seasonal cycles of our garden and wild herbs. In addition, the farm is available for shooting and private events.

Masseria Galeta - la nostra Storia

As it has always been in constant mutation, Galeta Masseria offers the right setting for socio- cultural side activities, organizing workshops and events and supporting sports tourism to represent Salento not only as a destination for the Italian summer, but as a real place of growth and contamination where to live unforgettable experiences in every season of the year..